Purchase and Delivery

If you have decided to order a print or original art from www.marcusnyblom.se, the following terms apply:

I will process your order as soon as possible. Allow one week for this to happen. Most likely I’ll make a print when the order comes in. This is subject to some random factors such as how much time I  have and when I can print, so be patient, and meanwhile I’ll try to let you know how things are going. 

The shipment is out of my hands as soon as I have packaged your order and sent it to the shipping service. After that, depending on where you live in the world, it might take a few days up to a few weeks, depending on how your postal services funtion in your country. In case you wish for some special, super fast and secure delivery (e.g. FedEx), email me and let me know and I will charge an extra fee for the delivery to be as fast and smooth as possible.

Payment is made through either your credit card, PayPal or the Swedish banking service Swish. If any of those payment services do not function during checkout, please try again, or let me know if there is a recurrent technical error. Other than that, things should be easy for you unless you lack a credit card or bank account. If you wish to buy art from me directly, contact me.