I haven’t really had the time to create any real “work” for quite a while, since I have to “work” with and/or for other people in need of assistance in life, the creation of fine arts and so on. I’m not going to dig into details, but it takes some time to create an atmosphere of creative freedom, of which I do not possess a lot these days. It may sound sad in some ears, but it’s just a fact of life. We need money and no one’s gonna bother with so-called art unless they can make money off of it. 

In any case, I found that I could re-use elements of old artworks of mine to create something new, or, new-ish. This is probably frowned upon by some purists, regarding the artist as either a “genius” or someone who makes unique and novel, when in fact most artists, if not all, repeat themselves incessantly. I’m not trying to avoid doing my job, I just don’t have the time or money. 

So, in the, hopefully, near future, I will publish and print some really nice, new art that will likely be up for sale on my insanely popular web shop that I have just completed and made in working order. Just go ahead and buy some of the old prints while you’re at it, why don’cha, I know you have too much money lying around and just don´t know what the hell you wanna do with it. Gwan, send it to me and I´ll send ya some art, ok?




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