Ages ago I found a some books for sale at one of Stockholms’ better stores for art-books. It was made by som Berlin-based screen-printing studio. I went nuts when I saw those books, they were truly something else; artists’ books hand-made by screen printing. These days that is pretty common, and later on I sent some material to that studio to print a book of mine. Also, I got in contact with a french studio and I intended making a book for them as well. But I ended up only making a poster, not happy with the result. Also, the german studio that I intentionally let decide colors went for some kind of not too exciting combos that in the end made me pretty disappointed. Today, however, I like the coloring and find it rather appealing.

In all, this eventually in any case made me want to gain total control over the process, which in fact made things really really slow, since I never have the time, money, knowledge or whatever means to be able to do what I intend to do. In any case, here’s that German book, just a few of the pages. The images are pretty strange and you might think that they are there just to be intentionally weird or “cool”, but in fact, I made the images after hypnagogic visions that appeared during night-time just before sleep. Not all of them are derived from these visions, some are just extrapolated. Well, that’s it. Some people obviously bought the book since it’s sold out by now. I own a couple of them, the other 250 copies or so might be warming some shelf in some rotten comix boneyard.

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